Learner Driver Testimonials

Learner driver testimonials

Here’s what our happy learner drivers had to say about our services:

Having driven for 15 years in the USA, I was very nervous about learning how to drive a manual car in the UK. Aris was so encouraging throughout the entire process. He always had a positive attitude, especially when I was really struggling to master the manual and wanted to give up. He remained calm and patient at all times (even when I made mistakes), and he always provided opportunities for me to reflect on what could be improved in the future. He began lessons by asking about specific things that I wanted to focus on, taking the time to make sure that I would feel confident and capable rather than rush me through a syllabus. Ultimately, his calm and supportive demeanour during lessons helped me develop the confidence that I needed to pass my test (and to be a safe driver in the future)! I’m incredibly grateful to Aris for all of his help and would highly recommend him to any future learners.

Karie Schultz

I am an experienced driver who has driven for years abroad but driving in the UK is very different for many reasons including driving on the left side of the road. Aris was expertly able to guide me to adapt to the differences here while retaining the relevant parts of my experience. His teaching was logically organised and structured such that it was easy to see my progression but flexible enough to linger over skills which needed extra time and practice. Communication was easy and clear and his moral support on the day of the test was invaluable. I passed first time!

Eduardo Malagon

Aris didn’t just get me over the finish line of passing but also taught me how to be a good, confident and safe driver. His lessons would involve reflection on driving scenarios I would encounter and through this I would learn how to deal with every road situation I would come across. He always ensured that I was 100% happy with certain parts of driving before moving on to learning new things so that I was confident in my driving ability. All in all I am very pleased to of had such a great instructor and to of learned so many invaluable skills.

Oscar Harden

Aris was an amazing driving instructor very patient and helped build my confidence on the road. He fully prepared me not only for the test but for safe driving alone and I was able to pass first time! I would highly recommend him. Thank you!

Anna Chudziak

I have had 3 different driving instructors and Aris is easily the best one I’ve had. The best things about him is his patience, methodical approach, and the confidence he gives you when driving on the road. He always had a smile on his face and allows you to make and learn from your mistakes in a controlled environment. Would highly recommend.

Dale Brewster

Would massively recommend taking your lessons with Aris, really nice guy and I learned a lot very quickly with him

Aarran Lee

I have had a different driving instructor before and I realised immediately the difference!!! Aris is patience, and has a great methodical approach. Besides to be very nice and kind! Would highly recommend.

Daisy Leech

I have had a long journey with learning to drive, and Aris has been nothing but patient and reassuring! He is so friendly and kind, and always made me feel relaxed in the car! I couldn’t have had a better driving instructor to take me through my learning journey, he really pushed me to succeed, and I did! Highly recommended!

Zoe Ellis

I would recommend Aris as a driving instructor really friendly instructor who put me at ease and helped me correct things I was struggling with and I passed my test with 2 minors.

Mollie McCash

I would recommend Arch Driver Coaching to anyone looking to start learning to drive, I couldn’t have asked for a better and more reassuring instructor than Aris and I definitely wouldn’t have passed without him!!

Ewan Mitchell

I fully recommend Aris as a driving instructor. Aris’ teaching methods gave me the competence I needed to pass my test and the approach he had in his lessons aided me in feeling confident on the roads. He always asked my opinions and thoughts at the end of every lesson and always took on board what I was saying and how I was feeling. His attitude was always positive and I would suggest for anyone learning to drive to go with Aris!

Emily Meek

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